No-joke connectivity®

TELIA and Deutsche Telecom backbones; robust DECIX peering access

Best QoS, huge PSTN capacity in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Frankfurt

Legal compliance

Russian Government approved and licensed

Primary assignment. SS7 direct to your IP.


Your new virtual Moscow phone number  

means your contacts can call you  

FREE, no matter where you are. 


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Moscow SIP DID numbers - technical details 


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 Wow, Moscow DIDs available at 1/5 the price! Who are you guys? Is this a scam?

We're for real. NXvoice works with 3 major PSTN ring owners in the cities of Moscow and St.Petersburg . The "No-joke connectivity" on top of this page is a reality. Moscow is a best-connected destination in all of Eastern Europe. NXvoice acquires 499 area code number blocks directly, and the area code is new with numbers readily available - we can therefore pass the savings to you. We also provide a more expensive, highly sought-after, prestigious 495 area code Moscow numbers (what used to be 095 before the split, referred to as "direct Moscow number"). The 495 area code has 7-digits dialing in effect, only exists in downtown Moscow and, much like area codes 213 and 212 in the United States, is difficult to get. NXvoice Networks has access to +7-495-XXX-XXXX pool at very competitive prices.


Many multinational corporations (banks, insurance companies and even diplomatic bodies) choose to acquire 495 area code Moscow numbers from us due to prestige considerations.

 Can I contact the carrier in Moscow directly and get DID numbers in bulk?

Sure you can. We said we want you to be happy (not just by way of giving us money, but generally so. Go ahead and call them, maybe they will be able to offer you some services that will help you grow your business' Russian presence). There are only a couple of big players in Russia - like Orange, or Golden Telecom.


The thing is, they DO NOT PROVIDE DID NUMBERS. They don't. Yes, they don't! They can only offer you PSTN forwarding at something around $0.15/min.

The carriers in Russia can give you an E1, or connect your datacenter to their network... they won't sell individual DIDs, and they don't do SIP or IAX2.

This is where NXvoice Networks steps in, providing the SIP to PSTN functionality.


In addition to that, the local law does not allow foreigners and non-Moscow residents port numbers.


This is in part due to the obscure and antiquated legal system that pertains to DID use, and in part due to the various anti-terrorist regulations. The only way to obtain a Moscow DID from our carriers is to physically appear at the the office. As a resident firm, NXvoice Networks qualifies. Reselling is permitted, but direct foreign ownership is not. Go figure. 


To sum up the above, you should use us as a payment processor for a very cheap, highly affordable, ultra-reliable Moscow DID. That gives you access to activation fees that are up to five times as low as the fees charged by the competitors and other big telcos.


 You claim Telia and RosTeleCom links, but do you really have that capacity?


Our upstream providers do. They've got it ALL. Not many carriers can compete, really. They maintain one of the largest PSTN, fiber and X.25/X.400 networks in the 10-million city of Moscow. They're the leading ISP for both residential and backbone sector. With loads this large, a relatively simple SIP gateway is a drop in the bucket for them. This thing is ultra-reliable, we're telling you.


Codecs currently supported are G711u/a, GSM and G729. But you've paid for top-quality, super-connected DID number. G711 lets you fully enjoy it. Forget TDM.


 Fine, you're real, but how do I make payments?


We're currently working on streamlining our payment system to make sure our customers have access to the most convenient, fast and secure checkout option. In the meantime, the following options exist:


PayPal (major credit card or bank account in 58 countries)


MoneyBookers (local payments in 33 countries)


Transfer to a bank account in Atlanta, GA, United States


Transfer to a bank account in Moscow, Russia


Feel free to suggest your electronic currency and we'll try to accommodate that.



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©2002 NXvoice Networks, an independent reseller. NXvoice Networks fully complies with the law enforcement regulations on phone number blocks ported outside of City of Moscow. DID (Direct Inward Dial) services are made available for foreign clients and other non-Moscow entities exclusively through an authorized reseller. NXvoice Networks, operating out of United States,  maintains staff in Moscow to act as a resident agent for such third parties wishing to take advantage of SIP DID services. Void where prohibited.