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TELIA and Deutsche Telecom backbones; robust DECIX peering access

Best QoS, huge PSTN capacity in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Frankfurt

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Russian Government approved and licensed

Primary assignment from monopoly carrier


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Personal 499


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      25        2 unlimited
Personal 495 +7495 30 50 2 unlimited
Personal St.Petersburg +7812 50 40 2 unlimited
Business One 499 +7499 79 59 2 unlimited
Business One 495 +7495 179 69 2 unlimited
Business One St.Petersburg +7812 79 69 4 unlimited
Enterprise Connect 499 +7499 79 inquire 4 0.046
Enterprise Connect 495 +7495 179 inquire 4 0.046
Enterprise Connect St.Petersburg +7812 99 inquire 8 0.046
Callcenter Plus 499 +7499 89 inquire 5 unlimited
Callcenter Plus 495 +7495 179 inquire 5 unlimited
Callcenter Plus St.Petersburg +7812 99 inquire 10 unlimited


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All rate plans include customer statistics interface with redirection to PSTN number or SIP/IAX address option and DTMF support. Activated within 72 hours from payment clearance.


Buy a number now


 15-20 bucks gets you a Moscow telephone number. Compare at $200-$350!

Moscow recently had an area code split. What this means is that there are now two area codes in effect in the city - (495) and (499). The 499 number blocks are new, easy to get, and the abundant supply of such numbers makes them very cheap to activate. Due to certain legal regulations in effect for Russian carriers, getting Moscow phone numbers have been traditionally expensive. Most companies in Moscow will currently provide you with a quote of $50-$70 in monthly maintenance, and that only includes VERY LIMITED functionality, in most cases. NXvoice is the only company that can activate +7495 number for you at $0 start and low monthly.         


 Competitors charge upwards of $200 activation and a large monthly!

Sixty dollars might sound like a rather significant sum of money just for a phone number, however in the Russian legal context, unfortunately, this amount is incredibly low. We hate to sound this way, but the reality is, $59 for a Moscow fixed phone number ported ANYWHERE on the planet is VERY, VERY CHEAP - again, under the circumstances, of course. Once the Russian authorities pass more liberate laws, we'll be happy to drop the price to the absolute minimum achievable. But right now... there's a $200-$350 price tag on a Moscow phone number, and we're really offering a great rate.       


 Features included at no extra cost:


Free and unlimited incoming calls* (when using a hardware adaptor over Internet connection)


Call Waiting, Caller ID, and up to 32 concurrent incoming calls capacity (where supported).


Forward the DID to any PSTN number - or to your Asterisk server via IAX2


Forward the DID to your existing SIP account like Voipcheap, and keep your SIP provider!


Commercial usage allowed. NO obscure clauses in the fine print. NO LIMITS, NO GoS



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©2002 NXvoice Networks, an independent reseller. NXvoice Networks fully complies with the law enforcement regulations on phone number blocks ported outside of City of Moscow. DID (Direct Inward Dial) services are made available for foreign clients and other non-Moscow entities exclusively through an authorized reseller. NXvoice Networks, operating out of United States,  maintains staff in Moscow to act as a resident agent for such third parties wishing to take advantage of SIP DID services. Void where prohibited.