No-joke connectivity®

TELIA and Deutsche Telecom backbones; robust DECIX peering access

Best QoS, huge PSTN capacity in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Frankfurt

Legal compliance

Russian Government approved and licensed

Primary assignment from monopoly carrier


Your new virtual Moscow phone number  

means your contacts can call you  

FREE, no matter where you are. 


GET IT NOW +1 (800) 944-DIDS USA

+44 (20) 8819-4175   UK

Current time in Moscow is   

  Office hours 8am-Midnight M-F        

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    Answer on FWD

    via SIP URI


Call-in for Skype

    Russian number

    for your Skype device




    SIP, H323 or IAX

    fully supported

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 Toll-free number in North America?

Yes. Our toll-free number is 1-800-944-DIDS (1-800-944-3437)



Moscow is GMT +3 hours.

London is GMT +0 hours.

Los Angeles is GMT -8 hours.

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499 - virtual number in Moscow - Get your 499 - Moscow virtual number now

495 - virtual number in Moscow - Get your 495 - Moscow virtual number now

812 - virtual number in Moscow - Get your 812 - Moscow virtual number now

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Moscow Virtual Phone Numbers

Order a telephone number that forwards your calls to any phone in the world.

Instant Activation for Moscow virtual number - DID numbers in Russia.

New phone numbers in Russia. Select city in Russia - Moscow, St.Petersburg, activate your new phone number.

Your Moscow or St.Petersburg, Russia phone numbers (DID numbers) will be activated instantly.

Russian Phone Numbers - get a Moscow local number, if you do not maintain an office in Russia.

Your business can have phone numbers (virtual telephone numbers) in Moscow,

St.Petersburg Russia that can be forwarded to any phone in the world.


Direct virtual numbers - get a direct Russian number - forward to any phone in the world.

You may be in Australia, but your partners in Moscow can dial a direct Russian number in Moscow

(virtual number) - there is no long distance charge. Local call.

You can save a lot of money by ordering a virtual number in Russia (Moscow or St.Petersburg).

Businesses can use direct Russian numbers (virtual numbers in Moscow or St.Petersburg) to open virtual branches.

Your US office can have a direct Russian number for Moscow.

Your Russian customers do not need to make an international call to reach you.

NXvoice Networks provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers (virtual numbers) for Russian Federation.

A local Moscow DID can be forwarded by to conventional PSTN (regular phone) destiantions, or VoIP - SIP, Skype, Google Talk anywhere in the world.






























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©2002 NXvoice Networks, an independent reseller. NXvoice Networks fully complies with the law enforcement regulations on phone number blocks ported outside of City of Moscow. DID (Direct Inward Dial) services are made available for foreign clients and other non-Moscow entities exclusively through an authorized reseller. NXvoice Networks, operating out of United States,  maintains staff in Moscow to act as a resident agent for such third parties wishing to take advantage of SIP DID services. Void where prohibited.